[coreboot] VGA Option ROM

Wolfgang Kamp - datakamp wmkamp at datakamp.de
Thu Jun 7 13:29:20 CEST 2012


I'm using Coreboot with Seabios on the AMD Persimmon platform.
In the current versions I found a problem with the VGA Option ROM initialization.
Normally Seabios should be configured to initialize the VGA Option ROM and  Coreboot should not.
But in this scenario Coreboot does not copy the VGA ROM in the right place at C000:0, so Seabios could not find it.
If I configure Coreboot  to initialize the VGA ROM it will copy the VGA ROM to C000:0 and calls it.
Now Seabios which is configured to call Option ROMs will find the VGA ROM and also calls it. But the double initialization leads to a VGA failure.
In the older versions coreboot puts the VGA ROM always in the right place and Seabios finds it.

Could anyone help me?

Thank you


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