[coreboot] unsupported mb questions (amd fam10h)

Roman Elshin roxmail at list.ru
Sat Jul 28 13:15:57 CEST 2012

> Hi, I think my problem while using cimx are reset related, looking on
> log of my experiments with sb800 (where more success), I see that first
> initialisation always finished by ...WARM RESET..., and starts after
> it. With cimx it can not start after WARN RESET, (same way as after hard
> reset button), it stops with zero post code, and can begin
> initialization only after power off/on sequence. Can one give some
> direction how to find solution?
While playing with bit0,bit1 of SB_MISC_REG84, from my mistake, original
flash chip (it is winbond w25q32)
was programmed by coreboots content. There was used at25df321a (which
are able to boot original bios without such problem) for it  before. And
this problem are gone (only chip replacement was enough).

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