[coreboot] #187: Latest Coreboot Won't Build On Rathat 5.8...

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Sat Jul 14 04:32:24 CEST 2012

#187: Latest Coreboot Won't Build On Rathat 5.8...
    Reporter:  dralle1@…                        |         Owner:  stepan@…
        Type:  defect                           |        Status:  new
    Priority:  major                            |     Milestone:
   Component:  coreboot                         |      Keywords:
Dependencies:  Lippert LX800, Redhat Linux 5.8  |  Patch Status:  there is
                                                |  no patch
 I'm running Redhat Linux 5.8 with all the latest patches.  Kernel is
 Version 2.6.18-308.8.2.el5PAE.

 After running make menuconfig and selecting my Lippert LX800 and a few
 other parameters, I run a "make" and get the following error.  I'm not
 sure what to do at this point.

 Redhat Linux  [coreboot-db2c400] ==> make
     GEN        build.h
     CC         romstage.inc
     POST       romstage.inc
     GEN        generated/crt0.romstage.S
     CC         generated/crt0.s
     CC         generated/crt0.romstage.o
     CC         arch/x86/lib/cbfs_and_run.romstage.o
     CC         arch/x86/lib/memcpy.romstage.o
     CC         arch/x86/lib/memset.romstage.o
     CC         arch/x86/lib/romstage_console.romstage.o
     CC         console/console.romstage.o
     CC         console/die.romstage.o
     CC         console/post.romstage.o
     CC         console/vtxprintf.romstage.o
     CC         drivers/oxford/oxpcie/oxpcie_early.romstage.o
     CC         lib/cbfs.romstage.o
     CC         lib/compute_ip_checksum.romstage.o
     CC         lib/lzma.romstage.o
     CC         lib/memchr.romstage.o
     CC         lib/memcmp.romstage.o
     CC         lib/memmove.romstage.o
     CC         lib/ramtest.romstage.o
     CC         lib/uart8250.romstage.o
     CC         lib/uart8250mem.romstage.o
     CC         generated/bootblock.s
     CC         generated/bootblock.o
     LINK       cbfs/fallback/bootblock.debug
 collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]
 make: *** [build/cbfs/"fallback"/bootblock.debug] Error 1


 Matt Dralle

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