[coreboot] Qemu: SMBus controller not found (Re: Looking for Sun W1100z/2100z coreboot support)

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Jul 9 23:59:14 CEST 2012

Dan Connelly wrote:
> Set maximal debugging for coreboot and build the coreboot.rom (with a
> few adjustments for gcc-4.6.3).

Sounds good so far.

> qemu-system-x86_64 -bios build/coreboot.rom -nographic

Sorry, no. You can't test coreboot built for one machine (your sunw)
on another machine (qemu). It will never work.

You can use qemu to learn about coreboot, if you build coreboot for
qemu. But you can not use qemu as a replacement for your actual
hardware unless you first implement full emulation of that hardware
in qemu. Not the way to go.

Related would be serialice. You could then use qemu to run coreboot
on your PC while letting it communicate with the serialice monitor
which runs on your real hardware.

Anyway, if you want to bash further ahead then now is when you must
investigate how to run coreboot on the real hardware, and how you
will deal with the many times that coreboot will not work at all.

Swapping flash chips is the simplest way. If you have more budget you
can buy increasingly fancy tools to make the whole task easier.


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