[coreboot] ASUS m5a88-v AGESA port (bulldozer)

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jul 4 15:52:52 CEST 2012

Dear Darkdefende,

Am Mittwoch, den 04.07.2012, 14:18 +0200 schrieb darkdefende at gmail.com:

> I bought a asus m5a88-v mainboard and was hoping to run coreboot on it.
> Sadly I found out that the current implementation only supports 
> famlily 10 type CPUs.
> After looking at other motherboards supported by coreboot I found that
> all (?) motherboards that supports greater than family 10 uses the AMD
> AGESA wrapper. So I thought I might just port the m5a88-v to use that
> instead and hopefully it would be able to run both family 10 and 15
> type CPUs.


> After copy, pasting mostly from asrock/e350m1 (SB800) and supermicro/h8ggi
> (family 10 & 15 support) and modifying the current source files I've managed
> to get quite far in the the boot process. However after starting seabios and
> printing "Press F12 for boot menu." it doesn't go any further.
> Here is the complete coreboot log:
> http://pastebin.com/Tyze9fMU

Please always attach such files.

> I suspect that the "ASSERTION FAILED:" errors might have something to do with
> it. And also perhaps a ugly hack I had to do to work around the PCI pci_scan_bus
> to not lock up.
> I limited the bus scan to only 0 if the bus is greater than 0 then it will skip
> that code.
> If I didn't do this it would stop booting and freeze at line 505 in the boot log
> ,when it tries to scan for bus 01. It seems to freeze if it tries to scan on
> anything else that bus 00. I have no idea why it tries to scan on bus 1-9.
> In most other coreboot log I've seen it stop automagicly on bus 00.
> Anyhow, I would really like some help with this as it seems like I'm quite close
> to get this working.
> If someone wants to look at the code please tell me where and how to upload it.

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to help you fix the error. But
you definitely need to share the code for others to look at. There are
three options in my opinion which are not exclusive either.

Before make sure you have several patches if possible each with a commit
message describing the change.

1. Send the output of `git format-patch -5 -s` – where 5 is the number
of commits – as a series to the list using `git send-email` or your MUA.

2. Use Gerrit to publish your patches. Basically develop in your own
branch (something like `git checkout -b agesa-port origin/master`) and
push this to Gerrit [1]. Review happens using Gerrit and you can easily
update your patches.

3. Publish your tree somewhere like for example Gitorious.

Thanks and good luck with your work,


[1] http://www.coreboot.org/Git#Pushing_changes
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