[coreboot] Asus M2V-MX problems

Luc Verhaegen libv at skynet.be
Tue Jan 31 22:47:15 CET 2012

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 10:36:54PM +0100, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>> The board booted fine, except I have no video, serial port or ability to write
>> to the BIOS chip.
> No video -> you need to include the extracted VGA bios from original 
> BIOS. No serial port looks like wrong superio setup. No ability to write 
> to the chip sounds interesting ? What do you mean by that. Flashrom 
> cannot no-long overwrite the chip content? Maybe just some GPIO needs to 
> be raised. Do you have more PLCC chips or other boards so you can hotswap 
> them?

I do not think that there is anything board specific in the VGA code 
that i once wrote for this display hardware. Did my code break in the 
last two years?

> For the VGA you need to use bios_extract and extract the VGA bios from 
> orig bios image and tell coreboot via menu to include that (you need just 
> pci ID lspci -n will tell)

Again, this board should have native code for bringing a basic vga 
textmode to life.

Luc Verhaegen.

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