[coreboot] Trying to port abit A-S78H

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sun Jan 29 05:16:10 CET 2012

Prakash Punnoor wrote:


]Well, I came a bit further I found out the hang here was because of missing

]"device id" of my cpu. This solves that problem:

Hello Prakash,

Great work finding this missing model problem.

]Ignoring the soft_reset problem, now coreboot seems to successfully finish.

]The last post code is F8, so it seesm SeaBios should have been started. 
]Unfortunately I the internal gfx doesn't seem to get propery initialized,
]as I 
]cannot see anything. Then I changed to config to coreboot running vga
]ROM and using grub2 as payload. On "warm start" coreboot now resets itself 
]indefinitely. On cold start, coreboot want to do a soft reset - which still

]hangs. I think the soft reset here gets triggered by init_cpus. (I haven't 
]verified this, yet.)

It might be worth running your binary on simnow to debug. The public 
release of simnow includes a model (shiner_family10h.bsd) that is a close
match to your hardware. The supplied shiner model uses cpuid 100F40
which should work fine, though cpuid 100F52 is available by switching to
supplied model file Family10hBL-AM3_C2A.id. You would need to swap out
the ITE SIO used by the Shiner mode to the Winbond 627. With simnow, you
can route serial output to a named pipe and watch it with putty. 
Unfortunately simnow doesn't emulate the uma graphics portion of RS780.
The shiner model includes a PCIe video card. You could switch that to
a plain PCI video card connected to the SB700 and get that working.
Then you could confirm it works on your board using a PCI video card.
For the problem you are having with the RS780 video, did you confirm
the video option rom is getting loaded to address C0000?



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