[coreboot] Trying to port abit A-S78H

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Wed Jan 25 05:26:31 CET 2012

Prakash Punnoor wrote:

]BTW, could you explain what happens after soft_reset? Will coreboot run
]again from start?

Yes, the CF9 soft reset starts execution at the reset vector
same as a cold boot. 

] At least the following "die(...)" statement (romstage.c 
]cache_as_ram_main) suggests that program flow should NOT get there. So, if 
]coreboots runs again from start, why doesn't it enable port 80 again like
]it did initially?

I am not sure. But the important function is sb7xx_51xx_pci_port80(),
called from line 90 of romstage.c. It looks like that function does
everything needed to enable PCI port 80. You could try calling the
function unconditionally and see what happens.



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