[coreboot] Trying to port abit A-S78H

Prakash Punnoor prakash at punnoor.de
Mon Jan 23 20:12:33 CET 2012


as a noob I am trying to make a port based on the mahagony fam10, as the abit 
is also an AMD RS780/SB700 board. I have a Phenom II X4 840 installed, so I 
guess selecting fam10 is correct? I also adjusted the sources to use the 
correct superio (Winbond W83627DHG). Unfortunately the motherboard doesn't 
have serial ports, so I am debugging using a port80 diagnostics card... 
(Should I actually enable the com ports in devicetree.cb?)

So, I cannot make coreboot boot. On cold start it seems to hang in 


in soft_reset. set_bios_reset seems sucessful, but I get no post code after 
outb(0x06, 0x0cf9). Any idea, what I can try?

If I do a warm start (ie: booting with factory bios, flashing coreboot image 
and then reset) I get further, but it hangs somewhere in dev_enable. Probably 
my set_pcie_dereset and/or my devicetree.cb is wrong? How to find out the 
correct GPIOs for the former? 

But before attacking these problems, I'd like to solve the early problem on 
cold start. Any hints?

(More infos, which are probably irrelevant at this point: I have seabios as 
payload, included the vga bios, which I extracted from factory bios and set 
coreboot rom execution off.)


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