[coreboot] Lenovo T60 Type 8743-GZU - RAM Support? 3Gb or 4Gb

Josh Stump josh at pcinw.net
Fri Jan 13 18:03:06 CET 2012

I have a Lenovo T60 Type 8743-GZU.  From experience I know that with the
stock BIOS if I put in 4Gb of RAM I can only utilze 3Gb even with a 64bit
OS installed.  Is this a limitation of the stock BIOS that coreboot can
overcome or is this simply a chipset limitation and even if I got coreboot
flashed I still would only have use of 4Gb of RAM.  Does anyone know for
certain?  If it will allow full usage of the 4Gb of RAM then I think it
would be worth figuring out what parts I might need to flash my rom over.
 Thank you.

Josh Stump
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