[coreboot] hackaton proposal in Paris

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Thu Jan 12 09:24:14 CET 2012

I have to check first some logistical details with the people who organize the "Hackito Ergo Sum" event and then I will open the doodle survey asap this WE.

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Hi Florentin

> First of all, let me wish you, all the people involved in the Coreboot
> project hackers and enthusiasts, a great and happy New Year!


> Next, following some discussions I've had at the 28c3 event in Berlin, I
> would like to propose a coreboot hackaton at the 12,13 and 14 april in Paris.
> If all goes OK, we could take profit from the organisation of the event
> "Hackito Ergo Sum", wich takes place at the same dates in Paris. Hopefully
> there will be some kind of "hack area" like the "hackcenter" of the CCC
> Congress, where we could install our stuff. The guy I have meet told me that
> providing space for 6-7 people will be no problem.

Sounds good to me!

> Regarding the accomodation
> and other logistical details, unfortunately I can not give you more info
> yet. Now I would like to know if there are some coreboot people which are
> intersted by this ideea, and if enough persons are interested I will proceed
> with further organizatoric actions.

Yes maybe doing a doodle survey?

> By the way, Rudolph, do you plan to organize in 2012 a new hackaton in
> Prague? (For my part, I see no problem if there are 2 coreboot hackatons in
> 2012.. ;-))

Well not decided yet ;) Maybe again in October/September?
Lets concentrate on the Paris right now!


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