[coreboot] i965 and ICH-8

Daniel Lindenaar daniel-coreboot at lindenaar.eu
Wed Jan 11 15:13:13 CET 2012

Op 01/10/2012 5:05 PM, ron minnich schreef:
> I think if you are in need of
> what coreboot can offer you should change the question: what kind of
> chipsets do you want that coreboot supports?
I understand what you're saying, yet I've gotten my hands on two boards 
with the aforementioned chipsets and a lot of goodies on them, so I 
thought to give it a go before spending €€€ for an already supported 
board (which would obviously be much easier)
So I'm looking for any kind of support in getting this thing to work. 
Also I might have a go at reverse engineering the original BIOS and 
seeing if the difference between the 945 and the 965 is small enough to 
adapt the code here and there.


Best regards,

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