[coreboot] #186: 3com 3c905tx / gpxe boot problem

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Fri Jan 6 20:13:51 CET 2012

#186: 3com 3c905tx / gpxe boot problem
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   Component:  coreboot            |      Keywords:  gpxe
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 Although (or: just because) novice in the field, I encountered some
 problems with netbooting with coreboot.

 Mobo's tried: Asus P2B, VTech with bios id ITE8671-2A69KV3IC-00. All
 mobo's boot '''harddisk''' fine with Asus P2B / Gigabyte GA-6BX{CE}

 NIC ROM is started, and loads the kernel by tftp. This is vvvveeeerrrryyy
 slow! Although loading, the kernel is never able to start itself. Same
 kernel on HDU is no problem at all (GRUB2)

 Note: the gpxe-image is on the nic, coreboot payload is seabios.

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