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Fri Jan 6 20:13:17 CET 2012

#185: Vtech partial success
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   Component:  coreboot            |      Keywords:  VTech success
Dependencies:                      |  Patch Status:  there is no patch
 Picked up an oldfashioned VTech mobo (bios id: ite8671-2A69KV3IC-00), i.e.
 VTech, intel 440BX northbridge, intel 82371 southbridge, IT8671F superio.

 Gigabyte GA-6BX{CE} are close cousins, both run fine, that is, they boot
 from harddisk (I have no floppy anymore, why??)

 Soyo should be a close cousin too, but nothing happens, not even debug
 output on a (Atlantic) NE2K nic.

 However, the Gigabyte coreboot images both refuse to complete a netboot,
 as already noted for my Asus P2B. See next ticket.

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