[coreboot] #184: Asus p2b with aty128 fails

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Fri Jan 6 20:12:45 CET 2012

#184: Asus p2b with aty128 fails
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    Priority:  minor            |      Keywords:  Asus p2b & aty128 failure
   Component:  coreboot         |  Patch Status:  there is no patch
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 both Asus P2B mobo's (core)boot fine with several AGP and PCI video cards.
 However, equipped with a ATY128, nothing happens, not even debug output by
 the NE2K nic. With the original BIOS, everything is OK, so I assume it's a
 coreboot problem.

 Tested with several S3 PCI cards (all ok), several AGP cards (i.e. Sis,
 S3, MGA), all went fine. Except for the ATY128. (Note however my next
 ticket, addressing netboot failure.)

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