[coreboot] MSR discrepancies

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Thu Jan 5 06:22:18 CET 2012

I was looking at the devicetree.cb values for the alix2 versus what I see on my alix6:

root at OpenWrt:/# rdmsr 0x51400025
root at OpenWrt:/# rdmsr 0x5140004e
root at OpenWrt:/#

I'm not sure how significant these differences are:

chip northbridge/amd/lx
        device pci_domain 0 on
                device pci 1.0 on end
                device pci 1.1 on end
                chip southbridge/amd/cs5536
                        # IRQ 12 and 1 unmasked,  Keyboard and Mouse IRQs. OK
                        # SIRQ Mode = Active(Quiet) mode. Save power....
                        # Invert mask = IRQ 12 and 1 are active high. Keyboard and Mouse IRQs. OK
                        # How to get these? Boot linux and do this:
                        # rdmsr 0x51400025
                        register "lpc_serirq_enable" = "0x00001002"
                        # rdmsr 0x5140004e -- polairy is high 16 bits of low 32 bits
                        register "lpc_serirq_polarity" = "0x0000EFFD"
                        # mode is high 10 bits (determined from code)
                        register "lpc_serirq_mode" = "1"
                        # Don't yet know how to find this.
                        register "enable_gpio_int_route" = "0x0D0C0700"
                        register "enable_ide_nand_flash" = "0" # 0:ide mode, 1:flash
                        register "enable_USBP4_device" = "0"    #0: host, 1:device

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