[coreboot] HP XW9300 the coreboot.rom failed

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 26 14:57:43 CET 2012

Dear Jürgen,

Am Sonntag, den 26.02.2012, 13:51 +0100 schrieb Jürgen Trapp:

> the HP XW9300 with coreboot failed.
> I have before flashing the coreboot.rom, a backup from the bios
> sudo flashrom -w coreboot.rom
> flashrom v0.9.4-r1394 on Linux 3.0.0-12-generic (i686), built with
> libpci 3.1.7, GCC 4.6.1, little endian
> flashrom is free software, get the source code at
> http://www.flashrom.org
> Calibrating delay loop... OK.
> Found chipset "NVIDIA CK804". Enabling flash write... OK.
> WARNING: unexpected second chipset match: "NVIDIA CK804"
> ignoring, please report lspci and board URL to flashrom at flashrom.org
> with 'CHIPSET: your board name' in the subject line.
> This chipset supports the following protocols: Non-SPI.
> Found SST flash chip "SST49LF080A" (1024 kB, LPC) at physical address
> 0xfff00000.
> Note: If the following flash access fails, try -m
> <vendor>:<mainboard>.
> Reading old flash chip contents... done.
> Erasing and writing flash chip... ERASE FAILED at 0x00000000!
> Expected=0xff, Read=0x48, failed byte count from
> 0x00000000-0x00000fff: 0x100
> Reading current flash chip contents... done. ERASE FAILED at
> 0x00000000! Expected=0xff, Read=0x48, failed byte count from
> 0x00000000-0x0000ffff: 0x100
> Uh oh. Erase/write failed. Checking if anything changed.
> Good. It seems nothing was changed.
> Writing to the flash chip apparently didn't do anything.
> This means we have to add special support for your board, programmer
> or flash chip.
> Please report this on IRC at irc.freenode.net (channel #flashrom) or
> mail flashrom at flashrom.org!
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> You may now reboot or simply leave the machine running.

As the output says. Please contact the Flashrom list.

Three more annotations.

1. They are interested in verbose log files, so please also use the
parameter -V (or -VV).
2. Flashrom has been released already. Using latest development
version is always appreciated [1].
3. Please just send plain text messages and no HTML messages to lists



[1] http://flashrom.org/Downloads
[2] http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Mailing_list_netiquette
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