[coreboot] porting Coreboot to a new motherboard....

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 17:51:17 CET 2012

you commented out  a number of calls to critical functions. You can't
just simply set a register and assume it all works. Maybe I

I think stepan's i945 code is a great example of how to turn on dram.
Or you can look at sdram_enable in the lx440 code for the basic sdram
startup cycle. Don't look at the reset of that code, I am not sure it
was ever tested on real hardware, there's a comment in there about
qemu I don't understand. The lx440 was the second (or first) linuxbios
mainboard, but that's not my code, so I'm just not sure about it.


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