[coreboot] recommend mini-itx motherboard

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 14 18:16:53 CET 2012

green wrote:
> Now I am surprised about the claim on the main page that coreboot
> supports "over 230 different mainboards".  That seems to be false...?

Things might work even if they have not been tested. And other things
might need more work before they work. Of course it would be nice to
have more 100% mainboards. Your contributions toward achieving this
will be most welcome.

> Anyway, is there any recommendation for a mini-itx for desktop use?

Have a look at the ASRock E350M1.

> I would like something fully supported by Linux, and perhaps which
> could run coreboot also; at least would like to put money on a
> supportive vendor.

Then you'll want to buy AMD. Note that you will generally be stuck
with an unfree VGA BIOS almost regardless of what you buy.


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