[coreboot] recommend mini-itx motherboard

green greenfreedom10 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 17:38:51 CET 2012

I am looking for a fanless mini-pc for running Debian and would like, if 
possible, to run 100% free software on it.

So I followed all the OK links in the v4 section of
and read the support tables and only found 2:
that are actually close to being fully tested and supported.

Now I am surprised about the claim on the main page that coreboot supports 
"over 230 different mainboards".  That seems to be false...?  I do not mean 
to insult, and acknowledge coreboot's accomplishments regardless.

Anyway, is there any recommendation for a mini-itx for desktop use?  I would 
like something fully supported by Linux, and perhaps which could run coreboot 
also; at least would like to put money on a supportive vendor.

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