[coreboot] How to port core boot

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 7 17:21:45 CET 2012

ali hagigat wrote:
> The managers of this project even do not accept their own mistakes.
> Now FILO can not be compiled and when i report it as the README of the
> filo is saying, the manager emails me and tells me that you are not a
> programmer!!

I'm not a manager. I'm a contributor in an open source project.

I never said that you are not a programmer, but it does seem like
very basic programming concepts and practises are foreign to you.

You encountered a compile time error and reported a problem citing
the instructions for run time errors. It is clear from the
instructions that they apply only to run time errors.

> I thought i would be encouraged for that by a thank you.

Create a patch to fix the problem. You sent a compiler error message
and and a very simple question "what is the problem" when the error
message you sent already describes the problem perfectly.

If you instead fix a problem that you discover, and push a perfect
commit to Gerrit, you can be sure that you will improve your
reputation, and quite likely also generate some gratitude.

But ultimately, it is not the task of anyone in the coreboot
community to encourage you to contribute. You need to be
contributing because you want to, or everyone will just suffer.

If you do not want to contribute that is perfectly fine too. It would
be unfortunate that the project has to cope without your skills, but
I guess it will work out somehow in the end.

> When i ask a question nobody talks about the details of the logic
> behind that except one person, Kyösti Mälkki.

The logic is obvious already from reading debug messages, and besides
that you even have access to the source code.

coreboot sets up RAM, decompresses ramstage into RAM, and jumps.

As many have pointed out already, the jump does not fail if RAM is

> Hey folks, what is going on here? If you are a master of Coreboot
> why we have unrelated simple answers?

Because of too basic questions.


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