[coreboot] FILO can not be built!!

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Feb 6 16:56:18 CET 2012

ali hagigat wrote:
> I received filo by the Coreboot site, and libpayload was made
> successfully but making filo stops with the following error:
> /root/bios/coreboot/payloads/filo> make
> Found Libpayload
> /root/bios/coreboot/payloads/filo/build/libpayload/lib/libpayload.a.
>   CC      build/i386/context.o
>   CC      build/i386/segment.o
>   CC      build/i386/timer.o
>   CC      build/i386/sys_info.o
>   CC      build/i386/linux_load.o
> /root/bios/coreboot/payloads/filo/i386/linux_load.c:752:5: error:
> expected identifier or '(' before numeric constant
> make: *** [/root/bios/coreboot/payloads/filo/build/i386/linux_load.o] Error 1

In open source software, when you encounter an error, you typically
get to fix it yourself.

At the very least, you should do everyone the courtesy of actually
looking at the code and analyzing the problem on your own.


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