[coreboot] how to use TianoCore as a coreboot payload

Philip Schulz phs at phisch.org
Tue Dec 11 14:17:59 CET 2012


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Peter Stuge wrote:
> David Hendricks wrote:
>> >> http://www.phisch.org/website/efiboot/
>> Perhaps you can contact the author? His e-mail address is at the
>> very bottom of the efiboot website.
> This has been attempted by several people already, and as far as I
> know noone has even received a reply.

It's true that a few people have contacted me and asked for source code. 
I think everyone has received a reply, although the reply may
not have been what the sender probably wanted it to be.

I'd like to make a general comment about "efiboot": You need to realize 
that this is really a very, very thin layer of code. The only thing it 
does is to act as a coreboot payload (through libpayload); build a 
minimal UEFI-compliant HOB list and pass it to the DXE core. To do that, 
you also need to load and start the DXE core from the Firmware Flash the 
TianoCore build process creates.

I think anyone can do this and I believe the hardest part about this is 
understanding UEFI and TianoCore. The good thing about that part is that 
there is a lot of documentation plus I think you need to understand UEFI 
(and the TianoCore implementation) anyways -- if you're seriously going 
to use it.

Please don't take this as an angry comment about people sending me 
emails. In fact, I'm always happy to hear from people interested in my 
projects. Also, I'm more than happy to help with questions, but please 
respect that I cannot release source code.


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