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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

3.5.13 Scratch Register
Scratch Register Function 2: Offset 9Ch

Bits Mnemonic Function R/W Reset
31-0 Data Scratch Data R/W 0h

Field Descriptions
Scratch Data (Data)-Bits 31-0.

So you get one per socket, first one at PCI_DEV(0,0x18,2) 0x9C

> > Another option would be to only let the BSP print messages by default.
> That
> > would clean up most people's logs most of the time.
> >
> Except for the problem Ward is seeing right now. For that, we really
> want the AP messages. And preferably they should be readable (not
> intertwined).
You're right.  He needs to know that his APs are still running even though
they should be stopped.  I guess the intertwined messages tell him that.


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