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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

the parallel port.

One way is to use /dev/parportX. The /dev/parportX method is a higher level
driver. I'm still looking into this to see if it will be better. I think
Stefan was referring to the parport_find_base() function which wouldn't
work for me. For that you input a base address and it returns the
corresponding parallel port.

The other method is directly controlling the I/O. It is a lower level
driver directly accessing the hardware. It is supposed to be faster, which
will be good for flashing. It is also very simple, using outb and inb. This
is the method I prefer. But it seems in all the examples I have looked at
the the base address is statically defined. That is what I am trying to do
is automate that.

Joseph Smith

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