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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

S-records which contain both address and data. Because x86 always
starts at top of 4GB there is no need for address information.

The flash chip must always be at the top of 4GB. The binary flash
file is always written to the top of the flash.

> (or) how can I locate the code inside the coreboot.rom,if it is
> there inside the rom file.

The dd and objdump trick I show above will work but is very clumsy
and does not scale well.

I recommend the DOS utility HIEW (Hackers View) if you're going to be
taking apart binary files. It has some useful disassembly options.

The thing with dd and objdump is that because there are bytes in the
coreboot.rom stream that are not instructions but instead data, it is
not neccessarily possible to disassemble the entire coreboot.rom file
in one go and then take it apart. When data at one byte position is
parsed as an instruction it may parse the following byte as part of
the same instruction which causes an error in alignment in the
disassembler because the data byte in the first position was actually
the last data byte and the following byte was the first byte of an
instruction. This is why you usually have to explicitly chop up the
binary file at whatever boundary you are interested in.

But why are you doing this anyway? Wouldn't it be easier to just look
at the source code?


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