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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

problems tracking down just where it hangs.

At first sight it appears to happen inside the SMBus read function, but
that is a guess from the debug output.
The problem I get is if I try and add any debug output inside SMBus read
it gets worse and locks more frequently.

If I have the memory test enabled it can also lock up when doing the verify.

So I guess I can think of 3 reason for it to lock.

    1. Some enabled, but not handled interrupt is happening.  (I would
assume that all interrupts are disabled at powerup but hardware so this
is probably not it)

    2. Southbridge is not configured properly.    (would be very bad
chip design if the SMBus part of the southbridge interferred with the
rest of the functionality)

    3. It is actually running, but serial output has stopped. ( don't
think this is the case as it never boots up)

I guess I need to look for loops that can become locked, probably
withing the serial output code.

Can anyone think of some other reason for it to lock up ?

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