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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

Ive just tried LB on a VIA-EPAI-PD10000 board using the EPAI-M LB config (i dont have a serial cable connected at present, going to grab one tomorow!)
using my post card i get the following sequance displayed : 10/80/05 (all hex)
can anyone poinbt me in the write direction ether for a list of the bios codes or if thats not available, then what the above codes indicate.
I get no video output when trying to boot to the LB.
It has been compiled from latest svn, with filo.
If there is any other info that might help, please let me know, im hoping the post codes may point to something stupid i did in configuring/installing LB.


P.S. The EIPA-PD apears to use the saem chipsets as the EPIA-M, so im asuming the LB should work (at least to some extent)


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