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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

more robust than your armboot, so I'd like to merge your stuff into
mine if possible.  Now that 2.6.0 is out I can start sending patches

- I avoid deliberately avoid vmalloc, the vmalloc area is a limited
  resource, and I support loading large kernel ramdisk combinations.
- I avoid greater than page size memory allocations because random 
  memory fragmentation can make that fail.
- I don't leak memory.
- I have an implementation that works on SMP machines.  

The worst part is getting all of the drivers to shut themselves down
properly.  But I have the appropriate hooks and it doesn't take an
extension of the kernel api just lots of driver bug fixes.

If even the arm guys are up to using a kernel it should be easier
to make progress in this array.  On several projects the people
I have talked to are two size constrained to even try using a kernel.


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