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Sun Dec 9 17:34:17 CET 2012

this point LLNL and linuxnetworx are building a 1000+ node linux cluster
using linuxbios machines.

> >   - What are the main benefits in using LinuxBIOS?

maintainable clusters
maintainable systems
fast boot (matters to some people)
better control of the system
LinuxBIOS in many cases does a better job of chipset config

>     Not as flexible as a normal BIOS.

well, not really true in all cases. Check out the cwlinux offering, where
flash boots into busybox linux. NO BIOS is that flexible!

>     Requires hardware and chipset documentation, it's hard to keep up
>     with the hardware development..

true for now, although at least two motherboard vendors are plannning to
support linuxbios.

>     Hard to handle PCI cards with expansion ROMs on them that expect a
>     standard PC BIOS.

partially true, but getting better.

> >   - What chipsets are supported by LinuxBIOS today?
> Is there a list of supported chipsets?
ls src/*bridge*/*/*


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