[coreboot] Moving gerrit to an separate mailing list

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Sat Aug 11 22:57:40 CEST 2012

As a lurker, mostly anyway, I wholeheartedly agree. And I think for the 
'you can set up a filter' group, I think the opposite is true. You can 
just setup a filter for the gerrit mails to put mails into the same 
directory I suppose too :)


On 08/08/12 23:28, Alex G. wrote:
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> I've brought this up today on IRC. My main argument is that the
> coreboot mailing list should be a place for discussion, for newcomers
> asking for help, talking about the future of the project, etc.
> Definitely more for discussion and less for patch review.
> We have gerrit for patch review. Some (actually, a lot) of people
> prefer to do their reviews by replying to the gerrit emails. It's
> awesome to have this option. The more the merrier, right? Right.
> Back in the days -- I mean waaaay back, think patchwork and svn --
> doing patch review on the list, with some deficiencies, worked fine.
> We switched to git and gerrit. We eventually got to the problem that
> gerrit traffic accounts for most of the traffic on the mailing list.
> It makes the list irritatingly clobbered for some people, to the point
> they just stop using it.
> The argument from the "I like gerrit in the mailinglist" camp is
> "setting up your own filter to keep out gerrit message is easy". We
> can't really force people to do this. They (myself included) would
> rather stoThp using the mailing list.
> All I've said and refuted above are arguments and rants we like to use
> to tease each other. I strongly believe that it makes sense, now more
> than ever, to separate development and discussion traffic into two
> separate lists. I hope you all agree.
> Alex
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