[coreboot] Dual SPI Flash adapter attempt 2.0

Oliver Schinagl oliver+list at schinagl.nl
Fri Apr 27 00:41:01 CEST 2012

Had a few hours this evening, and .. it's done.

I've had to re-arrange some labels and 1 part to make sure the 
silk-screen would not interferer with the solderpads. Not sure how I 
could have missed that, it was really really small bit that was 
overlapping though.

Somehow I managed to mirror one of my labels on a component. So the part 
was on the top side, while the label looked like it was on the bottom 
side. Long story short, i just deleted the part, and copied it from the 
neighboring part. Due to all the renaming though, I get all strange 
connects when using the automated rats nest, but I guess that's the 
price to pay.

So the big question is; shall I send this to seeed for fabrication or 
does it need some big change?

In any case, thanks so far for all your time and help ;)


On 04/26/12 18:56, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Hey all,
> Well here it is, the last version which was even harder then the 3rd
> one. or so it seemed anyhow.
> I will work on copying these four to the bottom and renaming the labels
> before sending them off. I'll post the final pcb on this list again,but
> routing wise, Nothing will change, unless of course someone found a
> grand mistake.
> So really, all input is greatly appreciated :D would be shameful to send
> this off to get printed, just to find bugs and have another batch made.
> Oliver
> On 23-04-12 20:23, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I've worked on a rotated version and planning to do two other
>> orientations as well, so early feedback is good, so I don't have to
>> redo them again :)
>> Silk screening isn't 100% right, since I still need to rename them
>> eventually somehow (edit .pcb file directly is probably the easiest way?)
>> On 04/20/12 14:50, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
>>> Hi list(s),
>>> Here's my second attempt at routing the previously mailed png of my
>>> schema.
>>> It was a lot trickier to route then my previous version, but I think it
>>> worked out!
>>> As mentioned, S1 and S2 need to be shorted if U3 is to be omitted. RN1
>>> should be 10k or ideally 100k, as Peter mentioned earlier.
>>> Hopefully there's no obvious mistakes and can start working on
>>> alternative layouts (so it is insert-able in different angles).
>>> DRC Check fails on S1, S2 and U3. It thinks the distance is to shallow.
>>> That said, DRC check passes when I set the copper width/distance to
>>> 7mil's instead of the current 8 mils.
>>> I'm planning on having these PCB's manufactured by Seeed studio and
>>> their minimal width is much smaller.
>>> Minimum trace width: 6mil
>>> Minimum trace/vias/pads space : 6mil
>>> Minimum silkscreen width : 4mil
>>> Minimum silkscreen text size : 32mil
>>> I've used a grid size of 10mil and distances of 8 mils, as I didn't want
>>> to rely on the minimum of seed. The silkscreen I positioned using a grid
>>> size of 5 mil's however. Not sure what they mean with a 'minimum
>>> silkscreen text size' however.
>>> Anyhow, feedback greatly appreciated, so I can start working on
>>> alternative layouts :)

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