[coreboot] [Opencompute-virtualio] [Opencompute-all] [Honest Request] Use Coreboot as BIOS for Server and Storage motherboard

John Kenevey jkenevey at fb.com
Wed Apr 18 17:25:13 CEST 2012

Hi Kiran,

We have an ongoing discussion with Ron Minnich and suppliers about support
for coreboot.  As the motherboard working group gets kicked off (later in
Q2) the best path to pursue your agenda is to become a member of the
project team and drive coreboot into the standard.  The project committee
would collectively work together on the decision.

Harry Li is the project lead for the motherboard working group and will be
driving the technical workshop at the upcoming summit - if you attend
please chat with him about coreboot.

Thanks for your interest in OCP.


On 4/10/12 6:31 PM, "Kiran Patil" <kirantpatil at gmail.com> wrote:

>Kudos OCP experts,
>I am resending this mail, since earlier mail is rejected due to size
>To make this project true "Open Compute Project", this Coreboot BIOS
>software on Motherboard is essential.
>I request you to consider using Coreboot (www.coreboot.org) as BIOS
>for Server and Storage motherboards used in Open Compute Project.
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