[coreboot] GSoC project ideas

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Apr 5 06:39:59 CEST 2012

Paul Geraedts wrote:
> > The OLS is not a good fit for installation into e.g. a laptop. This
> > is one of the use cases for a QiProg; it's intended to be soldered
> > into the target system, on top of, or very near, the flash chip.
> Can you please post a reference to this QiProg device? I would like to
> read more about it and Google does not seem to know it.

The information available so far is the USB protocol at
http://stuge.se/qiprog_protocol.txt and beyond that there's the
LPC11U14 schematic in my head along with some PCB layout ideas, the
more advanced of which is the QFN33 chip on a flex(-rigid) PCB with
edge pads that align with a 200 mil SO8 outline, for soldering
directly onto the existing flash chip, and some 10-15 cm of flex
circuit ending in a flex-rigid section with a micro-USB connector.

The first PCB will of course more likely be plain and simple, maybe
even with QFP, and edge pads for flash chip as well as USB


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