[coreboot] Dual SPI Flash adapter

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Apr 5 01:23:52 CEST 2012

Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Unfortunately I have had little feedback so far. But here's a small
> update.

Thanks for the update.

I did look at your previous board but needed more time to really look

> I have finally received my SO8 memory modules and those babies are
> small.

Oh it's not so bad. :) Try the 0603 resistors.

> Because of this, I have replaced the SO8M footprint with an SO8W
> footprint,

This is actually correct. All SPI flash chips used in PCs are in the
200 mil wide package, not the standard SO8 which is only 150 mil.

> I've also saw a screenshot of an Asus motherboard that had the bios chip 
> right next to a Sata port, in the wrong/different orientation, so I've 
> added a 3rd design so all 3 possible insertations are possible. (Left, 
> center and right facing connector).

Ah, so the plan is that your PCB is plugged into the factory BIOS
socket? That's a nice idea, but as you discovered there are four ways
that the chip can be oriented, so you really have to make four
boards to have a solution that works on every board. :\

> I've attached the gEDA .pcb file with the 3 orientation,

Thanks. I'll try to give some more detailed feedback, but one big
no-no that I've seen already is that your silk is covering pads.
Noone will do any cropping for you, so you will indeed get silkscreen
on your pads, which 1) potentially makes the board house unhappy
because it may make a mess in their machines, and 2) makes it
difficult for solder to flow over the pad.

> When sending out the final rev. I'll copy/paste the silk screens
> from the left design so they all look identical.

No, please do not make design changes post final review. Another way
to express this is please only send files for review that you believe
that you are finished with. Of course there can be iterations and
that's fine! But don't make further changes after the final


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