[coreboot] Issues with coreboot on MSI 6119

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Sep 27 10:12:22 CEST 2011

Lundie wrote:
> I have rolled and flashed a coreboot rom to the above motherboard, and 
> after a reboot (soft) my video bios flashed up a few times and I 
> sucessfully made the SeaBIOS prompt.  However since then I have not had 
> video.
> The specs of the machine are:  768mb ( 3 x 256mb pc133), a ATI 3d Rage in 
> the AGP slot, and a Piii 700e  (100mhz) on a flipchip (MS6905). I removed 
> all other cards trying to debug this.
> I'm wondering if I made a mistake in the rom so I've attached the config 
> file too.

The problem is likely with the code, not with your config.

> Can anyone explain what is happening here?

Unclear, in which case it is usually a matter of RAM init not being
completely correct.

It would also be interesting to try with different graphics cards,
and without any graphics card at all.

Further it would be interesting to try all different combinations of
your 3 PC133 DIMMs. Start with one, move it around every slot, and so

Always capture serial output for each test.


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