[coreboot] DL145 G1 with dual dualcore CPU using coreboot ?

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Thu Sep 22 14:42:40 CEST 2011

Am 22.09.2011 12:53, schrieb Oskar Enoksson:
> Checking out and compiling the latest git-version of coreboot yields 
> no output whatsoever on the serial console. Something is definitely 
> very broken and there is no clue.
It's possible that things are _very_ slow. This sometimes happens if 
printk is used before serial is properly setup. In this case, coreboot 
sometimes drives some semi-random IO port as serial, waiting for time 
outs all the time. Alternatively, the right IO ports are used, but the 
wrong configuration (eg. 1200baud, while everything else expects 115200).

It's also possible that things just hang at some point. Do you have a 
POST card? It should help you figure out if things move at all, and if 
not, where it hangs.

> Checking out the version just after my commit 2010-08-20 compiles and 
> seems to boot, but depending on how much debugging messages I choose 
> in "make menuconfig" I get different problems such as just one of my 
> two CPU's initializing, or just strange lockups. 
You could try to use git bisect to figure the revision that breaks for 
you. For this, you'll need to find the git commit id for the svn rev of 
last year (see commit log, each git commit that was converted from svn 
contains the svn rev id there).

r5723 is git commit 37106a762a2158003c6267873fd6ebc1ec5d685e

In general, I think the best approach is to have upstream work at all 
again first (even with only one processor or strange lock ups), and then 
improve from there.

> In general more debugging messages makes it more stable.
That indicates timing problems. The console code should ensure that 
side-effects by printk arguments are always executed.

> Question1: is there any known version of gcc/binutils that is known to 
> work well with coreboot?
The one built by "make crossgcc" (or entering util/crossgcc and running 
buildgcc there) is supposed to work.


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