[coreboot] FILO managed by Gerrit and Jenkins now, also coreboot patchwork status

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sun Sep 4 20:59:33 CEST 2011


just a small heads-up (well, two):

FILO is now managed by Gerrit, using Jenkins for build-testing it. It 
uses the latest libpayload of coreboot to validate that things work.

I also cleaned out coreboot's patchwork instance some more - we now have 
less than 200 "unhandled" patches there, some of which might have been 
committed with small changes (so the automatic tool didn't pick it up), 
or exist several times with small variations (patch iterations on the 
list). These are marked "Accepted" or "Superseded" as appropriate.

I started moving other patches (really unhandled patches, that weren't 
noticed back then) to Gerrit, using the original author + date for the 
git commits (using the original author has the benefit that they're 
spammed by Gerrit about the patch status).
Afterwards I marked them "accepted" in patchwork (since they're properly 
tracked now).

I'd appreciate help with eliminating the backlog.


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