[coreboot] Lenovo T60p 8742 Y19 - Black screen

Matias Jose Seco matiasjoseseco at care2.com
Thu Oct 27 01:12:41 CEST 2011

currently i'm trying to boot my laptop over the newly flashed bios with
but actually, despite power button, leds and cd player working properly
i dont get any response from the display.
Hardware properties:
Model: Lenovo/IBM T60p 8742 Y19
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7200
AVG Controller: ATI 71d4 (PCI)
GPU: Mobility FireGL V5250
MB-Chipset: Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS940 GML and 945GT Express
Southbridge: ICH7-M
SuperI/O: Renesas H8S2161B (not confirmed)
Socket: 479
BIOS chip: SST 25vf0168 50-4c-s2 af 0707084-A (16Mbit)
Installation History:
1) Image Build: 
builded on the native laptop through Gentoo installed on USB, from an
amd64 (march=native) version:
Options chosen other than default:
- Lenovo T60 (p)
- Dont save config options
- Dont compress SeaBios
- Stable Seabios Version
- mmx,smp,sse,sse2
- chip size: 2048Kb
[coreboot.rom image attached]

2) Flash ROM:
- built an DLP Design DLP-USB1232H (
http://flashrom.org/FT2232SPI_Programmer#DLP_Design_DLP-USB1232H )
- disassembled Chip from MB and placed it in a SOIC8 socket
- assembled needed jump wires on the socket pins / placed it in the
1232H circuit
- from another laptop with another gentoo amd64 (march=native):
installed Flashrom
-  flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=2232H,port=A -w coreboot.rom
[flash log attached]
3) Original Setup:
- chip re-assembled on the MB
- Laptop re-assembled
Could i do any further check to get the problem? 
if needed i can give further informations (eg output files from the
build directory)
Thanks for the attention,
Matias Jose' Seco

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