[coreboot] jenkins fails on 3aade48 on unrelated file (was Re: Change in coreboot[master]: w83627hf: drop Scope(\_SB) from ASL include)

Christoph Grenz christophg+cb at grenz-bonn.de
Sun Oct 30 19:27:50 CET 2011


> [...]
> Patch Set 4: Fails
> Build Failed
> http://qa.coreboot.org/job/coreboot-gerrit/671/ : FAILURE

jenkins log:
>     CC         cpu/amd/model_10xxx/processor_name.ramstage.o
> src/southbridge/amd/sr5650/pcie.c: In function 'sr5650_gpp_sb_init':
> src/southbridge/amd/sr5650/pcie.c:377:19: error: 'slave_cpl' may be used
> uninitialized in this function [-Werror=uninitialized]
> src/southbridge/amd/sr5650/pcie.c:343:6: note: 'slave_cpl' was declared here
>     CC         cpu/amd/model_10xxx/update_microcode.ramstage.o

Has anybody an idea where this error comes from?
I couldn't find any reference to my patched file there.

Christoph Grenz

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