[coreboot] Status of SeaBIOS VGA bios.

Julian Pidancet julian.pidancet at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 01:16:32 CEST 2011


I stumbled across the vgasrc directory in the SeaBIOS git tree which
seem to contain the source of a VGA Bios. I havn't found any related
documentation nor announcements regarding this, and there is no
Makefiles or scripts to build it. That's why I'm enquiring here about
the status of this project.

I've got several questions:
- What is the general status of this project ?
- Is this code intended to be executed in a 32bit environment by
transitionning from 16bit to 32bit mode for each BIOS call as SeaBIOS
already does ?
- Is this code able to run independantly from SeaBIOS ?
- How can I build the sources ?

I am currently working on a emulated graphic adapter for Xen and I
would like to implement a VBE driver for it. This VGA BIOS seems to be
a good base for that kind of work. Would that be possible ?


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