[coreboot] [msrtool] Bug report

Nils njacobs8 at adsltotaal.nl
Tue Oct 25 16:45:24 CEST 2011

Hi Peter,

I wanted to read registers 0x80002010 (BIST_MSR) , 0xA0002000
(GLD_MSR_CAP) , 0xC0002010 (MSR_DIAG_VP) and lots of others.

>Hm.. Did you try other addresses >= 0x80000000? And are you sure that
>0x80000000 is a valid MSR address on GX2? The only mention of the
>value when searching quickly through the databook is the parameter
>for the CPUID instruction..

Yes i tested several addresses.
I now used the Debian program MSR-TOOLS (RDMSR) and that works fine.

So i'm pretty sure it is a bug.

I did cc coreboot but i got a message that the moderator had to approve
it ....
Maybe because i have a new mail address.

Thanks, Nils.

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