[coreboot] New patch to review for coreboot: 6a22d1c w83627hf: correct typo in ASL include, correct indexed registers and remove unneccesary _PR0 defs

Oskar Enoksson enok at lysator.liu.se
Thu Oct 20 15:04:53 CEST 2011

On 10/20/2011 02:30 PM, Christoph Grenz wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011, um 05:20:11 schrieb Christoph Grenz:
>> Am Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011, um 22:52:16 schrieb Oskar Enoksson:
>>> Your recent changes make the error messages go away.
>>> However, I noticed another error message about PS2 controller:
>>> [    1.543494] i8042 kbd 00:02: unable to assign resources
>>> [    1.584667] i8042 kbd: probe of 00:02 failed with error -16
>>> [    1.625694] i8042 aux 00:03: [irq 12]
>>> [    1.626460] i8042 aux 00:03: activated
>>> [    1.666536] PNP: PS/2 Controller [PNP0f13:PS2M] at 0x0,0x0 irq 12
>>> [    1.706908] PNP: PS/2 controller has invalid data port 0x0; using
>>> default 0x60
>>> [    1.747678] PNP: PS/2 controller has invalid command port 0x0; using
>>> default 0x64
>>> [    1.788888] PNP: PS/2 controller doesn't have KBD irq; using default 1
>>> [    2.081400] serio: i8042 KBD port at 0x60,0x64 irq 1
>>> [    2.122528] mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
>> [...]
> It seems this is partly a bug in linux kernel: If KBD0 is disabled, linux
> tries to assign ressources to it and therefore enable it. But as 0x60, 0x64
> and IRQ 1 are reserved (for the keyboard controller), linux fails to assign
> them. On the other way if I let the kernel choose other adresses and IRQs the
> pnp driver still expects the keyboard controller at 0x60,0x64 so it fails
> again. The only workaround seems to be to never signal that KBC was disabled.
> There are no error messages on my system in this case as some driver later in
> the boot process enables the kbc anyway.
Ok. I do have a PS2 keyboard and a mouse connected though, and I didn't 
get these error messages with my own w83627hf asl, but perhaps you are 

I have more questions about your asl-code though (I'm not an expert, so 
I could be wrong ...):

When you use "Divide", why do you shift the quotient afterwards? E.g.

                                 Divide(IOA0, 256, Local0, Local1)
                                 ShiftRight(Local1, 8, Local1)

Another thing: did you really mean the I/O ports (e.g. 0x60,0x64) to 
appear in both KBD0 _CRS and PS2M _CRS?

One more thing, this is wrong, right?:

@@ -1042,7 +1036,7 @@ Scope (\_SB)
                                         IRQNoFlags (IRQX) {6}
                                 ENCM ()
-                               Store (0x03, LDN)
+                               Store (0x06, LDN)
                                 Store(IO1H, Local1)
                                 Store(IO1L, Local0)
                                 Store(IRQ0, Local2)

There are a few more similar things, I'm running out of time ... Perhaps 
if you look through everything yourself one more time you will find more.

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