[coreboot] What port needs to be open on the Firewall besides coreboot.org:29418

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 20 04:51:01 CEST 2011


Bao, Zheng wrote:
> We are building a build machine, which is connect the AMD network
> with a firewall. We need to provide the IP address and port(29418)
> of coreboot.org to access the git server. It doesn't work yet.
> I am wondering if the OpenID needs extra website address and port
> to check the authorization.
> Does anybody know that?

OpenID is completely web-based and only requires outgoing traffic to
port 80 on the Gerrit server and your OpenID provider's server.

Git on your system communicates with Gerrit either via an http:// URL
that uses port 80 or via an ssh:// URL that uses port 29418.

The Gerrit server communicates directly with your OpenID provider, so
you do not have to consider this part in the firewall configuration.


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