[coreboot] How to make "System Restart after Power Fail" working on SB800?

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Sat Oct 15 03:57:33 CEST 2011


My mainboard is ASRock E350M1, it's sourthbridge is AMD SB800.

I want the machine to restart once I connect the power cable to
it, without press the POWER button on the front panel.

The ASRock's EFI BIOS can do this by set "Always Power On" to

At present the coreboot (the cimx module) seems does not touch
"System Restart after Power Fail" feature.

If I use vendor's EFI BIOS and set "always restart after the
power is restored", then flash the coreboot to it, the box always
restart when power connected and I need not to press the POWER

If I use vendor's EFI BIOS and set "keep power off after the
power is restored", then flash the coreboot to it, the box does
not up and I must press the POWER button.

If I clear the BIOS by connect the jumper to (pin1 - pin2), then
all setting lost and I must press the POWER button.

So seems the coreboot just use the setting (but never set it).

I think the code is in src\vendorcode\amd\cimx\sb800\SBPOR.c

const static AcpiRegWrite sbPmioPorInitTable[] =
{PMIO_BASE >> 8,  SB_PMIOA_REG74, 0xF6, BIT0 + BIT3},

and yes it does not touch the BIT1.

The BIOS Developer's Guide 3.6, P20, said I must to set
PMIO 74h [bits 1:0] to [01b] to get "always power on" working.
[00] / [10] / [11] does not work as what I hope.

So I change the line to always clean BIT1 to 0, as BDG required,

{PMIO_BASE >> 8,  SB_PMIOA_REG74, 0xF4, BIT0 + BIT3},

(just for test, I think the proper way is give a
 pConfig->OEMPROGTBL.OemProgrammingTablePtr_Ptr to overwrite
 CIMX's default setting)

but it has no effect, the box keep off until I press POWER button.

before this code PMIO 24h [AcpiMMioEn] has been enabled so
MMIO working.

I checked the SB700 code src\southbridge\amd\sb700\sm.c, to see
how coreboot set "power_on_after_fail" bit in other chipset.

=================== code start =================
/* power after power fail */


get_option(&on, "power_on_after_fail");

byte = pm_ioread(0x74);

byte &= ~0x03;

if (on) {
    byte |= 2;

byte |= 1 << 2;

pm_iowrite(0x74, byte);

printk(BIOS_INFO, "set power %s after power fail\n", on ? "on" : "off");
=================== code end =================

what it did is a litter different and always set bit0 to 0 (CIMX set bit0
to 1, which is required by the manual):

1) clear bit[1:0] to [00b]
2) set bit[1] to [1b]
3) set bit[2] to [1b]

I don't know this code working or not since I do not own a SB700 mainboard.

If I did it on SB800 as below

{PMIO_BASE >> 8,  SB_PMIOA_REG74, 0xFC, BIT1 + BIT2},

coreboot fail to boot.

SB800 obsolete those coreboot code and replace it with new CIMX code.

I read the documents about all PM registers, and found nothing.
I search "power" in the whole .pdf, but most of them is difficult to
 understand for me.
I search the archive of mail list and seems every mainboard has different
method to set this feature.

I had tried set it on superio code (Winbond W83267hf), and does not work.

Also I observe that BIT0 is "Decen_acpi", and BIT1 is "Gbl_en_en", and
they are not "power on after power fail" bit.

Did I did anything wrong?

Did these bits need some ACPI code to working?

When the power cable connected, before I press the POWER button, the
mainboard keeps off due to the setting. in this case, the BIOS code
running or not?

Any suggesting?

Thanks for your help in advance,


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