[coreboot] [RFC] Tracking run tested coreboot revisions for boards

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Oct 12 13:33:59 CEST 2011

Thomas Gstädtner wrote:
> As a "end-user" I'd really prefer a possibility to participate in this
> issue;

You would send a patch.

> I think it is not possible for the few active devs to maintain
> every mainboard all the time and make sure to note it in git.

This was never the idea. It is obvious that it will fail.

> don't think the coreboot git repo itself is the best place to keep
> this information, nor is it the best tool for the job.


> I think WINEs appdb (http://appdb.winehq.org) is a good example on how
> it could be done. They have a overview site per application (for
> coreboot this would be per board)

The big difference is that coreboot will never really work on any
mainboard which does not also have explicit support in the repo. So
the repo seems like a natural place to track testing.

> Another possibility might be using gerrit for such contributions.

Yes of course. Test results would also go through gerrit.


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