[coreboot] Issues with Supermicro H8SCM

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at gstaedtner.net
Tue Oct 11 14:17:14 CEST 2011

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 12:41, She, Kerry <Kerry.She at amd.com> wrote:
> Hello, Thomas
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>> >> > Thanks for the advice Marc,
>> >> >
>> >> > I already had the loglevel set to spew (8). I additionally tried
>> >> > the other "Verbose output" debugging options, unfortunately I don't
>> >> > get any output at all when they are built in.
>> >> > Also, while it is hard to find and AMD doesn't have any official
>> >> > document confirming this, according to some google hits the
>> >> > processor should be revision D1 not rev E (AMD model number:
>> OS4170OFU6DGOWOF ).
>> >
>> > I also found the latest code not boot on my H8SCM-F mainboard with Rev
>> D1 processor.
>> > So I have made some update to using the AGESA wrapper framework, the
>> > attachment is some of my update, with this series of patches applied,
>> > we can boot to Debian Linux Destop or Windows Server 2008 R2 standard
>> > edition.
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> Hi Kerry,
>> first of all: thanks for your effort!
>> While I had no success at first, I now can get to the boot prompt
>> (haven't tried any further yet).
>> Anyway, I currently have 2 DIMMs, each 4 GiB.
>> A dual-channel configuration does not seem to work, the DIMMs are
>> detected, but coreboot throws an "ASSERTION FAILED" error (see attached
>> log cb_h8scm_01.log).
>> It seems to fail because it somehow seems to think no DIMM is found
>> (despite both DIMMs being detected). I tried disabling this check, but
>> this only leads to a reset.
>> The same problem exists with a single-DIMM configuration.
>> However, when I switch to a dual-DIMM, single-channel config, it at first
>> does not start at all (i.e. no output on serial and no heartbeat from the
>> BMC) - but when I trigger a manual reset it immediately starts up (see
>> attached log cb_h8scm_dimma1a2_success.log).
>> I'll report back when I find out more.
> I have only test with 4 Registered ECC DIMMs, so I can confirm dual DIMMs in one channel should works,
> It seems that the DRAM training has some problem for single DIMM on one channel situation.
> Thanks
> Kerry

I unfortunately only have 2 registered DIMMs, so I can't test a dual
channel configuration, but yes, seems 1 DIMM per Channel does not work
at all.

Anyway, I built a rom with vga bios included and can boot to FILO
prompt or SeaBIOS. So far USB is not working, neither the attached USB
keybord, nor the USB flashdrive I wanted to boot from.
A related warning seems to be: "WARNING - Timeout at
ehci_wait_qh:319!", might try to disable ehci to see if ohci works.

Also, it seems it now starts up most of the time immediately,
approximately 1 out of 5 times it needs a manual reset after powering
Time from power-on to FILO prompt is about 2 seconds with loglevel 3
(over serial, via VGA I can't tell, it's ready long before the display
makes it from wake-up to active).

So in short,
What Works: All 6 CPU cores are detected, clock is correct, VGA,
Serial, SeaBIOS and FILO
What Doesn't: USB/EHCI, Single-DIMM per Channel, reliable bootup

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