[coreboot] patch to display ASRock E350M1 freq correctly

mopz0506 mopz0506 mopz0506 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 04:21:31 CEST 2011

Morning All,

I'm not native speaker and sorry for my English.

I heard about Coreboot since it has named LinuxBIOS
but never own a mainboard supported.

I bought a E350M1 after found it listed in supported
mainboard (thank you Scott, thank you AMD)

Once linux up, the cpu freq. is 2800 MHz for P0,
1400 MHz for P1.

In E350M1 status page, "CPU frequency scaling" keep
"CPU might report (or have) wrong frequency. " for
a while and seems no one cares about it.

I run a benchmark and seems CPU runs on correct freq.,
and it just display wrong number (which coreboot sent to
linux kernel).

Finally I think maybe I can fix it myself and start
digging ACPI and source code.

so attached is a trival patch to display the true
freq. of CPU, 1600 MHz for P0, 800 MHz for P1.

the setting runs on my E350M1 for 3 weeks and looks OK.

the persimmon uses the wrong setting too. but it declares
"CPU frequency scaling" is "OK". I don't know why.

Thanks and Regards,

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