[coreboot] #179: Coreboot on GigaByte GA-8IEXP ver. 1.2

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Tue Nov 1 11:00:57 CET 2011

#179: Coreboot on GigaByte GA-8IEXP ver. 1.2
    Reporter:  BlackSheep0@…      |         Owner:  stepan@…
        Type:  enhancement        |        Status:  closed
    Priority:  minor              |     Milestone:  Going mainstream
   Component:  coreboot           |    Resolution:  invalid
    Keywords:                     |  Dependencies:
Patch Status:  there is no patch  |
Changes (by oxygene):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid


 First, "do that for me" won't work without access to the hardware.

 Second, "do that for me" is quite a request when porting to a board can
 take an experienced developer up to 6 months (or more, if the developer
 faces extraordinary problems)

 Third, Dual BIOS usually don't help because we completely strip the
 recovery routines (though Gigabyte might have some hardware circuit using
 a watchdog, or something)

 Due to all this, closed as invalid.

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