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#162: Move SYSTEM_TYPE to Kconfig
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Comment (by christophg+cb@…):

 AFAIK there are two spots where the system type is given to the OS:
 in the DMI table (chassis type) and in the ACPI FADT table

 I don't know where (or even if) coreboot writes the DMI table, and
 currently the FADT PM profile is hardcoded in the mainboards' fadt.c.

 I also think, SYSTEM_TYPE should be moved to Kconfig, be combined with DMI
 chassis type (if applicable) and also an option for the preferred PM
 profile should be added (of course defaulting to the SYSTEM_TYPE if not
 changed by user)

 IMHO there are various advantages:
 * users can change the reported system/chassis type dependant on the real
 usage of the board without meddling with the mainboards C code
 * the PM profile could be equally changed (hardcoding this for a board
 type IMO is absurd as it equally depends on the mainboard and the real
 * it would be easier to maintain consistency between all these settings.
 Also they now are mostly set with their numerical representation (#define
 SYSTEM_TYPE 1; fadt->preferred_pm_profile = 1; etc.) which would change
 with integration in Kconfig

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